Selection trail will be conducted in all the major states of India


IPCLeague has carved a niche as one that discovers young talent and gives them a platform to perform.

National Championship Stage

In this stage the various IPCL State Teams will compete for the IPCL National Trophy. This stage will be a knock- Out stage. The winner of this stage will be announced as the IPCL National Champions and will get a sponsorship of 15 lakh for the entire winning team squad

International Championship Stage

The IPCL National Champions will compete with 3 other countries in a International tournament will be held in event places. The winner of this stage will be announced as the IPCL International Champions and will be awarded with 25 lakh cash prize and All Moms, Best Bowler and Best Batsman will be awarded with 1 lakh cash prize.

IPCL Rewards and Prizes structure

  1. All Match Players will get a Participation Certificate
  2. All Man of the matches, Best Batsman and Best Bowlers of State team will get a Trophy
  3. Players of the National winning team will get a sponsorship of 15 lakh for the entire winning team squad
  4. All Players of the International winning team will get 25 lakh INR Sponsorship for the entire winning team squad
  5. All Man Of The Matches, Best Batsman and Best Bowler of International Tournament will get 1 lakh Cash Prize
  6. Top performing Players, during the matches of the seasons, may get picked by private sponsors or International Clubs
  7. Best Batsman and Bowler of International Matches will get a placed in Oman T10 League and Ramadan Cup Sharjah 

IPCL Trail Fee Structure


Batsman or Bowler


Wicket Kepper


All Rounder


League Fee Structure Selected players

Important Terms

  • Colored dresses of International standards with player Name, State and lucky Number will be provided to all the match players
  • Bcci, Icc level-1 Coaches
  • Photography and Videography of every player
  • Best pitches and International grounds
  • Meet-up with Best India X- Cricketers 
  • Food and Refreshments
  • Max 5 and min 3 matches per player at State level in International grounds..

IPCL Format

  • We are currently the only league with two phases Domestic and International
  • To start with, Selections trail will be held to select the state team.
  • The selected players will get max 5 or min 3 league matches to show their performance and get into the state teams are selected
  • State league : In the state championship, The state level teams will compete for the National trophy and the National winner will then compete for the International trophy
  • International Phase : The National Championship winner will be invited to play for the International trophy held in Dubai or Australia competing with teams from the Pakistan, Srilanka and Australia